Gulf Coast Western focuses on combining resources, talent, industry know-how and experience to explore and develop oil and gas fields off the gulf coast. Having said that, however, it more specifically looks at geophysical advantages along with well-developed structures to ensure that they can improve on the standards and practices that have gone on before. This is primarily because Gulf Coast Western looks to constantly improve itself to offer a substantial return potential and quantified downside risk to each of its partners.

As the President and CEO of the company, Matthew Fleeger is responsible for much of this.Mr. Fleeger has been well known in a variety of different industries because of talent at leading companies to rapid expansion. Before joining Gulf Coast Western, he founded MedSolutions, where he was CEO and President for 13 years. With the company, he specialized in a few different industries, most notably transportation, disposal and treatment of medical wastes; obviously, these were focused on the medical industry. Matthew Fleeger was also known in the tanning industry, where he founded two successful businesses whose combined revenue approached $100 million. During each of these ventures, Mr. Fleeger was able to learn a variety of skills that he was able to bring to Gulf Coast Western.

However, it was during this time that he became most known for his competence in strategic planning, team building, contract negotiation as well as entrepreneurial abilities. With these skills, Matthew Fleeger has helped to grow and expand the oil and gas giant into what it is today. This expansion can be traced back to a variety of strategic decisions that Mr. Fleeger made since becoming President and CEO. Chief among these was when he was able to expand the companies its footprint Southeast Louisiana. This occurred when the company purchased a 50 percent working interest and assets in Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. This purchase also helped to expand operations at the Shoats Creek Field in Louisiana’s Beauregard Parish; the field is responsible for over 4 million barrels of oil equivalents regularly. With these moves, Matthew Fleeger has helped to grow Gulf Coast Western into an industry giant.