In a YouTube video for the Academy of Art University called “School of Industrial Design Combining Business, Art and Science” the video discusses the role of industrial design in society. Instructors see the program as a forum for designing what society needs. They design shoes, new products, toys, cars, boats, furniture and other products.

The students at the Academy of Art University are taught to design products that solve a problem or help people. They teach drawing, sketching, research, digital skills, mechanical skills, and how to complete finished project, as part of a team. Three disciplines are used in industrial design art, science, and business Industrial design makes life easier for consumers by designing solutions to everyday problems.

Industrial design students at the Academy of Art University learn to look for solutions to problems in different industries. Whether it is designing a more comfortable pair of shoes, or creating a user interface, they look for ways to solve problems with well researched solutions. They work in teams to design new products that can be used in their professional portfolio.

They have many international students that attend the Academy of Art University for industrial design. The undergraduate program or BFA focuses on furniture, products, transportation, and toy design. The university is located in San Francisco, California.

The industrial design department has an 3D printing lab, metal shop with lathes, drills, rollers, and grinders for shaping metal parts. There are virtual reality work stations where student can design and work on project ideas. They have a spray booth for auto work, wood shop to make wood parts for projects, printers, computer labs, and automobile museum.

The Academy of Art University celebrated its 90th year anniversary of teaching students’ artistic disciplines. The current president, Dr. Elisa Stevens has modernized the program with the use of technology. Its because the university has been willing to explore art and technology that students learn the most current skills.

Different departments collaborate and help students work together. Students from different disciplines work on project together in animation, game design, advertising, music production, industrial design, fashion, and web design.