Entrepreneurs are full of innovative ideas, but many have problems funding their businesses. If the business doesn’t have a lot of start-up expenses, they may be able to fund the business themselves. Many get additional funds from family or friends. Others need to look at traditional sources, like banks, to provide business loans. Others look to angel investors, venture capital, Crowdfunding or investment companies.


Why James River Capital: Pairing Entrepreneurs with Investors:

For those that need large amounts of capital, your best may be investment companies, like James River Capital. Paul Saunders, founder, and principal of James River Capital has spent most of his career helping entrepreneurs fund their ventures.

The company looks for venture capitalists that want investment opportunities and may be willing to take a risk with a yet unknown business. In most cases, venture capitalists work with entrepreneurs that need at least $1 million in seed money. In a perfect scenario, the investment company will see a return on their investment. The goal is to make at least 3-times more than their investment in about five years.

James River Capital works with entrepreneurs as well as investment companies. They pair them together for the best financial outcome for both parties. Thanks to financial experts like Paul Saunders, many entrepreneurs have been able to see their dreams come to fruition.

James River Capital Offers Numerous Investment Options:

James River Capital offers a wide range of investment opportunities for those looking for a positive return on their investment. They have a broad range of products in the following categories:

  • Corporate Credit
  • Distressed Credit
  • Equity Strategies
  • Event-Driven Strategies
  • Fixed income Arbitrage
  • Asset-backed Securities
  • Futures Trading
  • Multi-Strategy Investing

If you or someone you know is an entrepreneur looking to fund their business, contact the award-winning investment firm James River Capital. Let them help you fund your new business.