Jin Oh starts every day at the office, which is around six or seven in the morning. Once here, Jin Oh says he begins planning out his tasks for the day. He is unafraid to cancel a couple of meetings. Jin Oh believes meetings are a necessary component of conducting an active business but that they should only be held when necessary.

Riot Games meetings are usually held around nine or ten, and typically several sessions will be scheduled back-to-back until the company breaks for lunch around noon.

Jin Oh says during these breaks, he is either working out or formulating his business strategies. Then he goes home for the day, spends time with his family, only to replicate the process the next day.

To Jin Oh, meetings represent a love and hate relationship; he believes fervently in productivity, and what is the best method to achieve the most work done. He remains not a fan of big group meetings, where 20 or 30 people are involved, saying that large groups only waste time.

Jin Oh believes meetings should only be held for individuals that it pertains to; people who possess vital information to contribute.

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