Recently Gustavo Martinez, who is well known for his work in advertising as well as his work in marketing, did an interview with Professional Tales. In this interview he went on to discuss is vision, the way he works, and more!


Moving Up The Ladder


During the course of his career, Gustavo Martinez has been employed at marketing firms that are said to be the best globally. When he was working for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide he worked as the CEO. When he was working for McCann World Group and Olgilvy and Mather, he was actuall the President. Before he worked with those firms he was able to put his creative talents to use with some very impressive clients coming from Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Now, he has been working using his skills in marketing and advertising as a consultant. He also has been making use of his entrepreneurial skill with the same job.


Mixing It Up


Having worked for many years now, Gustavo Martinez has gained some very useful insight that he seems to want to share with those willing to take the time to learn. One thing that he has pointed out is that marketing and advertising are not at all similar to other industries. In most industries workers are expected to be on time, be dependable, and to be happy with completeing the same tasks constantly. According to Martinez marketing is a form of artisitic work, meaning that every person who wants to work in both marketing and advertising are going to have to mix it up and get creative.


Marketing With Startups


Martinez believes that it is important to market correctly when dealing with startups. This means that those running startups have to focus on analytics, functionality, and technology design. Most people who are running startups and try to do the same thing he is doing will fail due to expenses, time-consuming tasks, and mistakes. That is why it is important to make sure that the right people are behind a startup to make sure that everything flows nicely.


Leading In A Creative Way


Being a leader, Martinez makes sure that all of his focus stays on keeping his creative juices going and also helping other team members get their going and directing them correctly. The work environment that he has created is one that will help his team members feel as though they can share their ideas with him openly. Of course, he always makes sure to recognize those that are doing a great job and does his best to keep them going down that great path of success.




Anyone who is making a good amount of money should be donating some of that money to things that matter. Gustavo Martinez is someone who fully believes in donating both time and money to the greater causes.


Gustavo Martinez


Gustavo Martinez has many years of experience working in advertising and marketing, in fact, he has over 35 years doing just that. He certainly has built quite the name for himself in that amount of time, and has also become very wealthy. Martinez is someone who not only places value on the work he does, but also places value on the work of his team members and charitable causes. He certainly is someone to admire.


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