The CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere, provided a lengthy candid interview to explain her aspirations, her vision and her processes. Deere has had great success with her extensive line of beauty products. Her online store offers products such as limp balm, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish and more. Her line is unique because it focuses on fun and creativity instead of just blemish concealment. Deere said that she considered her line of products as a tool for the consumers who are artists at heart. She said that the name of her company was a mixture of her favorite color and the way she feels about bright and vibrant colors.

Deer also explained some of her processes and procedures for handling employees, partners and other entities who help with the products. Deer believes that positive reinforcement is the way to get people to work hard. She did not adopt the “iron fist” mentality when she created her business. Instead, she decided to focus on letting people know that she does appreciate their hard work and all of their contributions to the company. Her business has been skyrocketing since she started it in 2008. She believes that her unique management style is what brought the business the high level of success that it has had.

When she first got the idea to sell cosmetic products online, she heard words of doubt from her peers. People told her that she would have a hard time selling products like lipstick online because customers would be eager to see them up close. She answered that small obstacle with the development of the lipstick swatch. Customers can see exactly what their lipstick will look like by visiting the page and viewing it on a pair of real lips. They can make their decisions based on what they see. Cosmetic retailers started adopting Deere’s method quickly after they saw the amount of success she had with it.

Lime Crime is a unique line of products that is definitely different from the majority of cosmetics that are out there today. Customers can easily get hooked on Lime Crime products because of their strong and vibrant essence. The texture of the products give them an additional dimension of tastiness that people just don’t see in other products. Deere continues to manufacture eye-catching products and provide those products to women across the nation who want to add pizzazz to their style.

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