Since 2008 Lime Crime has been empowering and captivating the beauty world. With its vibrant colors and exciting pigments, this vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand has wooed many beauty gurus. Lime Crime is certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program for being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime is a highly favorable makeup brand that draws people in for its colorful pigments and stunning glittery products. Their products range from eyeshadows to lip products. Lime Crime offers popular lines, such as, Diamond Crushers, Venus Pallets, Matte Velvetines, Diamond Dew, and most recently, Plushies and Wet Cherry Gloss. Some other products that Lime Crime offers are Unicorn Hair Tints and Pop On Nails. Lime Crime was the brand that set in motion the ultra matte liquid lipstick trend. People couldn’t and still cant get over that light weight, smoothness on their lips.

Working alongside 8 year Lime Crime veteran and Chief Creative Officer, Sasha Valentine, Stacy Panagakis joins as CEO of Lime Crime. Stacy Panagakis, former General Manager of Fresh, who has driven the success of Fresh, joined Lime Crime on June 18th to help expand the brand’s magic. Among welcoming Stacy Panagakis, Lime Crime has also announced that they have been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. Tengram Capital is a leading equity firm that predominantly centers its attention on branded consumer and retail companies. This investment with Tengram Capital will ensure Lime Crime’s true potential and make its dominating success even more enriching. Tengram Capital has previously worked with major brands like DevaCurl and Laura Geller Beauty. Tengram Capital Partners will assist Lime Crime in their growth strategy and make more ways for Lime Crime’s uniqueness to spread. Richard Gersten, Partner at Tengram Capital, recognizes that Lime Crime has something special with its consumers; Lime Crime has a unique bond and admiration for their supporters. With Stacy Panagakis and Tengram Capital now teamed up with Lime Crime, this unique and mesmerizing makeup brand, is sure to become more popular and turn heads everywhere with it vivid colorful makeup.

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