LocationSmart is the worldwide leader in the industry of IP geolocation. Any device that connects to the internet has an IP address attached to it. LocationSmart uses this technology to provide a wide variety of services.


Companies who ship valuable assets need to ensure the security of those products. LocationSmart’s geolocation allows them to track their assets in real time. Also, for those who need to track the location and movements of their employees, such as trucking companies, they can do so with ease.


The online gambling industry is fraught with regulations. A major problem for these companies is that different states and regions have different laws regarding gambling. They need a way to prevent access to people in restricted regions while allowing access for everyone else. LocationSmart offers these companies a way to track their users’ IP addresses and ensure that they are not servicing people for whom it is illegal to do so.


A problem with online crime is that there is no physical proof of the crime. There’s no security footage or fingerprints left at the scene. IP geolocation allows companies to track people who are using the internet to commit crime. When someone attempts to hack a computer system, it can be used to find their rough location. If an email is sent in an attempt to commit fraud, the IP address of the device used to send it can be tracked to its physical location. It can also be used preemptively to identify suspicious activity. This is an invaluable service in the 21st century.


It can also help to prevent people from pirating content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent people from accessing digital content illegally. Much of the valuable property today is made up by intellectual property. Pay-per view events being streamed, movies and TV shows being put on certain websites for free, and music being made available for free download are just some of the common examples. LocationSmart allows companies to see where the people accessing and uploading this content are located, which can help put an end to it.


Advertising companies can take advantage of this technology to target people with ads specifically for them. Tracking the online activity of someone will offer insight into the types of products and content they might be interested in. Advertisements can be shown to people more likely to be interested in that product.


With how much of our lives are spent on the internet, the services offered by LocationSmart are an invaluable resource. Any company with valuable intellectual property or with security concerns can make use of this. You can find out more and contact them through their website, LocationSmart.com.