With over a decade of experience working for L’Oreal as a marketing and sales executive, Nicolas Krafft shows he has his finger on the pulse of expanding global interest in beauty diversity, recently, in the L’Oreal, Paris Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show in France’s capital city. The show encapsulated the theme of beauty diversity both in the adornment of the models and in the persons of the models, themselves, which included celebrity actresses Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning, as well as professional walkers-of-the-cat.

Nicolas Krafft comes by his understanding of the L’Oreal goal of making beauty more accessible globally first-hand: Though “in-the-door” at L’Oreal at the somewhat modest level of Product Manager, he was quickly moved up to Marketing Director for Kerastase, and from there ascended the L’Oreal ladder to first take charge of Eastern European Sales and Marketing, then become Vice President of Global Business Development in 2014. What is obvious from this recent show is that Nicolas Krafft “gets” the precise respects in which variety is the spice which fuels peoples’ passion for clothing and style.

L’Oreal make-up stylist Val Garland created 70 new looks for the models. Hairstylist Stephane Lancien created 70 new hairstyles. Models representing some of L’Oreal’s best-known and high-profile partners, (Miu Miu and Balmain among them), strode their elegant adornment atop a floating catwalk on the River Seine, (which took eight days to assemble and take down). Arts and sports were represented, as well, by “Game of Thrones” actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and Paralympic Skiier Louis Bourgoin, who made her runway debut at the show. Filmed by drones while it was happening, the show was simulcast in over 30 countries. Now that’s global outreach!

With as firm a grasp on the goals of L’Oreal and the global market he represents it to as is, likely, humanly possible, Nicolas Krafft is helping keep world style and fashion culture very vital and expanding it to, hopefully, touch ever more of its peoples. Events like the L’Oreal, Paris Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show, both diverse and inclusive, are essential.