Lori Senecal, the CP&B Global CEO, will be stepping down at the end of 2017 putting an end to her 2 1/2-year tenure with the company. She helped the company rapidly grow through her short time there with her immense talent and hands-on approach to marketing which has helped the company to have a huge effect on both the business and culture. Among keeping the business in check she also had to effectively manage and coordinate with their many offices, including their 10 international offices. Lori, in fact, has also led the company in such an efficient manner that it had Advertising Age awarding the company CP+B with being one of the most Creative Innovators of the Year and naming her one of the four Agency Executives to watch in 2016.

Some of the businesses she has won over to the company were American Airlines, Infiniti, Hershey, Paypal and more. As if her resume wasn’t shining enough, she helped the company push through additional barriers which also awarded them the Titanium Grand Prix for Dominos work at the Cannes Lions Festival. This award is the highest award given for inventive ideas that help drive business performance in revolutionary new ways. It is no wonder that the company continues to excel for world class results as it uses its resources to continue to push the boundaries of creativity using its second to none talent to inspire. CP+B continue to hit home runs with new firsts with its creative tools that emboldens their expertise on talent, technology, design, and manufacturing.

These results are not entirely focused on the company alone. Lori Senecal has repeatedly demonstrated that she is not only talent but is gifted in getting the right people for the right job and then approaching the tasks with a new creative spin to get results that far exceed the expectations of others. Prior to taking the CEO position with CP+B she was employed with KBS. There she served as the Global Chairman and CEO. While there she helped the company to expand from a 250-domestic agency to over 900 people internationally. Before that, she was President of the McCann Erickson Workgroup where she had the same pattern of success. It is no wonder that she was named, by AdAge’s, “Women to Watch” in 2014. Her resume goes on and on where you can see that wherever she goes success seems to follow in her tracks. You can visit Adweek to know more.

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