Lori Senecal is a marketing executive who currently works as the chief executive officer of the advertising firm known as CP+B Global. In a recent announcement, she is going to retire and therefore step down as the firm’s CEO. Over the last three years, she has served as the CEO and has been able to build on the success of CP+B Global. Senecal became the CEO at CP+B Global after spending a few years in a leading executive role at MDC Partners. With her retirement, a number of people will miss her including the founder of CP+B Global Chuck Porter. Over the last three years, Porter has said that it was great working with Lori. He said that she has been a perfect fit for a company that was looking to grow and expand worldwide. With her entrepreneurial mindset, she has been able to build the firm into one of the leading global advertising agencies in the world. Check out fastcompany.com for more.





While Lori will be looking to retire by the end of the year, she has agreed to help the firm transition into new leadership. She will spend the remainder of the year helping the firm find a replacement for her as well as putting together the next generation of the firm’s managers. Lori will use her expertise of marketing and management to find the ideal person for the new role. She will work with the founder Chuck Porter in the evaluation process. By helping elect a new CEO for CP+B Global, Lori will be in position to provide a positive impact on the firm’s future. Check out huffingtonpost.com



Before starting her career, Lori Senecal went to college to finish a degree. She attended McGill University and studied commerce, marketing and finance. Lori would complete a degree in this field. After finishing college, Lori would then begin her career working in the marketing industry. Her most notable experiences were with McCann Erickson and KBS. While working at these firms, she would help them grow in both size and expansion of clientele. Senecal credits her success to her experience as a gymnastics coach. Her coaching experience helped her develop leadership skills that would help her thrive in business. In terms of conducting business, Lori has said that it is important to make money by getting clients and then promoting something of value that they have to offer. Another key attribute to Lori’s success has been her ability to motivate people and urge them to reach goals on a consistent basis. For more details visit Bloomberg.



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