L’Oréal held its second annual beauty and fashion show on 30th September on a floating catwalk. The event was held at the center of the French capital, Paris on the shores of river Seine. The event served two main purposes. Firstly, it was an opportunity for L’Oréal to showcase its commitment to making beauty and fashion more accessible. Secondly, the event also served to show off the season’s new looks and present the latest ideas to the public. The event was graced by some of the top brass in the fashion industry.

Nicolas Krafft’s Tenure at Loreal

It would be inappropriate to mention L’Oréal’s success and the milestones they have achieved over the years without mentioning Nicolas Krafft. Nicolas has used his expertise in business development to steer L’Oréal into new markets and spearhead its growth during his tenure as the Vice President for Global Business Development. L’Oréal is a beauty company that specializes in matters of beauty and fashion. L’Oréal has been credited with providing its customers with high-quality products that are tailor-made to meet their customers’ needs.

Nicolas Krafft, through his commitment and dedication, has been able to increase the company’s market share through exhibitions and development of several brands. L’Oréal is credited with producing some of the leading world brands that have taken over the globe by storm. L’Oréal has managed to achieve great success by leveraging on the labor and talent of the industry’s finest. Their aggressive marketing has also played a pivotal role in creating new markets all over the world.

Role of Women During the Paris Exhibition

Leading women in the beauty and fashion industry took center stage during the Paris exhibition. Celebrities took the chance to showcase L’Oréal’s latest products on the 60-meter long floating runway. Some of the celebrities that graced the event included Louise Bourgoin, Elle Fanning, and Eva Longoria.

Paris is the capital of L’Oréal’s beauty products. In essence, the city provided a fertile ground for the company to solidify its spot as the unopposed global leader in beauty and fashion. Diversity and creativity took center stage during the event. Apart from the leading fashion icons who attended the event, other high-flying personalities from the showbiz industry also showed up to support the event: they included Paralympic stars Marie Bochet and Game of Thrones actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau.