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Paul Mampilly Understands Finance

Paul Mampilly is definitely someone who understands finance. He first started at Fordham University where he received his MBA. He started out as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust. Many corporations took notice of him and began trying to recruit him. While at Kinetics Asset Management he helped to grow the company to over twenty million.

Wall Street began to wear him down, and he desired to spend more time with his family. Today he works as an investment analyst and research. He enjoys helping regular people make money than the ultra-rich. He likes teaching them how to make the best investments regarding their money, so they can live better lives. His newsletters show people exactly what they can do with their money to have a better investment with their money. He has been featured many times on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business News. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill in 2016. Since then over ninety thousand people have signed up for the Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited. The eight-page newsletter displays a new investment opportunity each month. He also has trading services. He also writes a column for Winning Investor Daily that is weekly.

Many people listen to Paul Mampilly because he has been a part of the investing industry for over seven years. He has a large amount of detailed experience when it comes to Wall Street. So, he knows the ins and outs of everything. This is something that many investors never have the opportunity to see. He is known for his hard work ethic and not giving up. If people are interested in investing, Paul Mampilly is definitely someone they should follow and take advice from. He is someone who enjoys giving advice and helping people who may be unable to get investing advice any other way.

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ClassDojo and Mindfulness Training: Can it help Children to be Calmer Students?

Many students claim that life in school is often boring, redundant, annoying and unstimulating. They also complain about their teachers, their workload and other students who can sometimes pose a problem to the learning process. These are some of the major obstacles that children face in school and they help to make a student’s day stressful, uneventful and even chaotic. One way that pupils can overcome this problem is through the process of mindfulness training offered by ClassDojo.

What is mindfulness training? Mindfulness training is an old meditation practice that is now being rediscovered by many people. This type of training is being used by some working professionals and other working adults. The purpose of mindfulness training is to provide people with a positive perspective and to gain control over their busy lives. Students who utilizes this technique in the classroom should be able to get a handle on their busy day.

ClassDojo allows teachers to lead mindfulness training techniques. These techniques teach students how to calm their breathing, shut out negative thoughts and to refocus their behavior. Students can do this in class or administrators can implement this action instead of punishing pupils. Mindfulness training is not a cure all solution for all student problems. However, ClassDojo knows that it can provide students with an alternative for improving their day.

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Stratford Shields, Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets

Stratford Shields serves as the managing director at the loop capital markets. This is one of the leading financial agency when it comes to public financing, investment banking, and group banking covering. Before he took up this position as a banker, Stratford Shields was a civil servant working as the president of the in the state controlling board as well as the deputy director in the Ohio office of budget and management.

What motivated him to establish is business

When he was serving as the head of the public finance at Stanley Morgan, he had an opportunity to bring some of the most remarkable ideas to life. This was at the Ohio University where he helped to privatize ideas. To this end, he helped to streamline the university operations, and in turn, he was able to generate some fund for its endowment. However, this was achieved through strategic planning and careful evaluation of the universities size and assets.

The Obstacles That He Experienced and How He Overcame Them

Remaining competent in the position that you hold requires that you understand your flaws as well as the market limits. To this end, Mr. Stratford Shields was able to realize that there is time to plan and time to implement your plans. On the same note, Stratford advocates that there is also a time that the service providers should let the customers know of the limits of their services provider by ensuring that they remain realistic the best way possible.

His Advice To The Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Mr . Stratford Shields is positive that the establishment of a new business greatly depends on how you treat your clients. This implies that you should strive the best way possible to understand your customers so that you will be able to offer them incomparable services in the market. As such, those setting up new ventures should first find out what their client wants and ensure that that they offer it without hesitation.

Barbara Stokes’ Successful Career Journey

Barbara Stokes recently donated resources to the Habitat for Humanity that created a lot of buzz in the organization’s social media pages. The resources she provided will be used in growth and development of Humanity for Habitat. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Green Structures Homes, a foundation started by Barbara, is glad to be providing the resources since they will go to a meaningful cause. Habitat for Humanity has done a lot of great things Huntsville and according to Barbara Stokes, they are delighted to help in alleviating the lives of people in the area. GSH is a small private entity that primarily focuses on individuals of natural disasters. The resources provided by Barbara were majorly construction materials worth a lot of capital. The facilities provided consisted of drywall and hardie fascia boards.


The two construction materials are essential in any construction facility since they provide insulation and stop destruction of buildings by water. The provided building resources are beneficial to Habitat for Humanity since they will be used in constructing more homes in Madison County. The institution can now develop more housing facilities for buyers in Madison area. The organization is currently working towards increasing the number of houses in the area. The Habitat for Humanity has been running for several years now. Since it was established it has brought up over 200 houses. The houses belonging to the houses are affordable since they are free of mortgages and costs incurred by buyers are form the building resources only. The Habitat is providing better housing facilities at fair prices with the help of GSH. Read more at Business Insider.


The Art of Product promotion in a Digital World: Steve Lesnard

In the current world that we are living in, it is true to say that social and digital dynamics have a great influence on our daily lives. This impact is more evident and more intense when it comes to marketing new products. However, it is worth to note that when these approaches are used inappropriately, they can be counterproductive. In most cases, the brands that attract the consumer’s attention the most have the customers’ needs at the center of its mission and strategies.

This implies that for a product to be introduced successfully into the market, it first needs to address its benefits and the values that such a product is likely to add to the lives of the consumers. As such, if you are a seller that is looking forward to introducing or even advertising his products in the market, considering the following steps can be helpful.

Keep the Advert Simple To Make It Memorable

According to Walt Disney, what matters the most in the product promotion process is ensuring that the client gets the storyline clearly. As such, a great product introduction outlines what is new and better in the product at hand. However, this is not always a walk in the park as it sounds. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the forces are unified and focused on what is important.

Bring The Product To Life To Make It Real

The second principle of product promotion is based on consumer experience. This implies that you need to ensure that you have brought out the best consumer experience for your clients. Here you need to tell, clients, how the product will appear on their bodies, what exactly does the product do, and how they can use such products. This way, your product promotion will reach your chosen audience effectively and also create the desired impression.

Nina Vaca Keynote Speaker at North Texas Entrepreneurial Event

Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group Nina Vaca recently kicked off events at the Women of Innovation Summit. The event brings together the leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and noted business game-changers of North Texas.

Vaca gave the keynote address at Ross Tower, a location that’s special to her because it was there that Pinnacle Group opened its first professional office. Prior to that, Vaca was running her fledgling business out of her apartment.

Vaca was just 25 when she launched Pinnacle Group with $300 and an unlimited desire to succeed. Since then, she has grown Pinnacle Group to be among the world’s premier executive search and staffing agencies. The company now enjoys an international presence. It is among the fastest-growing firms in its sector globally.

Vaca has developed a reputation as an entrepreneur who is keen on giving back. To that end, she established the Nina Vaca Foundation. This organization has completed an enormous array of projects that help disadvantaged people. This includes funding programs for homeless people and supporting area food pantries.

Vaca has long been a major supporter of young women who want to get involved in business, especially those of Latina heritage. She fosters numerous educational and professional development programs for women. Vaca is known for her focus on espousing an attitude of toughness and persistence through difficult times as a formula for achieving business and financial success.

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Bennett Graebner: Master Filmmaker and Producer Behind The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Many people have either seen or heard of the show called, The Bachelor. However, not many people have stopped to question the people that were writing or managing the show. One of those people is Bennett Graebner, who is an executive producer for the show. The television and film producer attended Vassar College to get his Undergraduate in English and graduated Phi Beta Kappa as well. Bennett Graebner then decided to attend the film school. After all of his schoolings were finally finished, he worked in many different positions before finding his current shows.


Production was the most common field for him to be found in, although he did also work as a cinematographer. The Bachelor is not however, the only show that he has ever worked on, of course. Also, Graebner is the producer of the Bachelorette. Over time he has had to grow through different positions, which has allowed him to have well-versed knowledge in what it takes to make his team run smoothly. He understands that without this level of understanding, relationships between coworkers could become strained and lead to an unproductive workplace.


This makes him much easier to get along with, and also ensures that all of his projects will be fleshed out. While having this experience may not be uncommon for the film industry, working in many different areas on the set is less likely to be found. The fact that this is his background makes so that he has an upper hand on most other professionals in his line of work. Bennett Graebner also has incredible knowledge on what it takes to make a show good to watch. Many people consider reality TV industry to be a vastly different creation process from many other films.


Nonetheless, it is actually much more similar than one might think. Each episode also has to have something interesting involved to keep the viewers interested, while also maintaining the lifelike nature. After winning many awards such as an award at BMI Film & TV Awards and the Teen Choice Awards, he has shown an incredibly tight grasp on what makes a show worth watching, and on how to create a masterpiece of a film.

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Perry Mandera Is a Tried and True Visionary

Perry Mandera, a specialist in the American transportation industry, has many visions for the world. Part of being a visionary, however, is selecting which of your visions you should follow; however nice they all seem, there are only a handful which are genuinely realistic. One may wish to bring about world peace, for example, but without the right amount of outreach and power, they will have trouble doing so (TheNewsVersion).


This is why Perry Mandera makes sure to keep his goals in check. He believes that as long as he is setting realistic goals for himself and consistently reaching for them, there is no limit to how far he can grow not only as a businessman but as a human being. Treating others with humanity is one of the lessons Mandera was taught from a very young age, and he continues to pass on that lesson even to this day. His parents showed him how to treat people, and he would never forget those lessons. Perry Mandera supports charitable organizations,  there is something intrinsic about him that makes him one of the most dependable human beings out there, and this reason is probably the same reason he has retained his parents lessons for so long.


There is simply an underlying level of character under all the business proceedings Mandera has to deal with. Beneath it all is a human being who simply wants what is best for the people around him. This much is important to emphasize; while he does have an incredible amount of drive for business, it is rarely ever uncoupled with his drive to help others.


Mostly, business to he is a means to bring about change. He is certainly quite passionate about the transportation industry, but Perry Mandera is even more passionate about the changes he can make to his country by utilizing the power that comes along with his industry. As a person with a lot of visions for the world, he is constantly working around the clock to bring them to life, and every single one of them either directly or indirectly involves changing the world around him.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Proudest Achievement

Isabel dos Santos is a rare example of someone who was born into wealth and ended up becoming famous for something entirely unrelated to their inheritance. Her father was the president of Angola, her home country, for many years, and even though everything was perfectly lined up for her to follow in his footsteps, she is more interested in building a proper understanding of the state of Angolan business. This much is apparent just from how much she has earned throughout her lifetime.


Currently, she is the richest woman in Africa, and she was the first female African to ever become a billionaire. That kind of a title is not one that people forget about easily. Because of this, Isabel dos Santos has sort of made herself a staple in history. Her face and name will never become forgotten. The simple reason for this is that Isabel dos Santos has made herself a hot topic within the business industry. While she has a knack for it now, it was not immediately easy for her to enter business.


There were many aspects of the field she did not understand, and there are certainly still some to this day which spin her head around, but they are few and far in between. Being involved in business for more than a decade will give you a lot of insight into what it means to be a successful businesswoman, and Isabel dos Santos is certainly no exception to that rule. The amount she has taught herself from the work she has done throughout her life is nothing short of incredible, and it deserves to be commended at every possible moment (Wikipedia).


A lot of people and businessmen admire and applaud the efforts she does for improving Africa´s reality. Though Isabel dos Santos would reject such compliments, it would be solely out of humility. Besides, Isabel has charity projects through her home country and the continent. Anyone who can objectively analyze the state of Angolan business will have a hard time denying Dos Santos’s importance to it. In fact, if she were not a part of the business industry, it would likely take much longer to grown into the beast it has become today. This is easily one of Isabel dos Santos’s proudest achievements.


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Industrial Design Department at Academy of Art University

In a YouTube video for the Academy of Art University called “School of Industrial Design Combining Business, Art and Science” the video discusses the role of industrial design in society. Instructors see the program as a forum for designing what society needs. They design shoes, new products, toys, cars, boats, furniture and other products.

The students at the Academy of Art University are taught to design products that solve a problem or help people. They teach drawing, sketching, research, digital skills, mechanical skills, and how to complete finished project, as part of a team. Three disciplines are used in industrial design art, science, and business Industrial design makes life easier for consumers by designing solutions to everyday problems.

Industrial design students at the Academy of Art University learn to look for solutions to problems in different industries. Whether it is designing a more comfortable pair of shoes, or creating a user interface, they look for ways to solve problems with well researched solutions. They work in teams to design new products that can be used in their professional portfolio.

They have many international students that attend the Academy of Art University for industrial design. The undergraduate program or BFA focuses on furniture, products, transportation, and toy design. The university is located in San Francisco, California.

The industrial design department has an 3D printing lab, metal shop with lathes, drills, rollers, and grinders for shaping metal parts. There are virtual reality work stations where student can design and work on project ideas. They have a spray booth for auto work, wood shop to make wood parts for projects, printers, computer labs, and automobile museum.

The Academy of Art University celebrated its 90th year anniversary of teaching students’ artistic disciplines. The current president, Dr. Elisa Stevens has modernized the program with the use of technology. Its because the university has been willing to explore art and technology that students learn the most current skills.

Different departments collaborate and help students work together. Students from different disciplines work on project together in animation, game design, advertising, music production, industrial design, fashion, and web design.