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Alex Pall is growing his passion to a career.

The Chainsmokers recently released a new track featuring Halsey. In this new song Alex Pall, one of the members sang. This was different from other tracks where they used vocalists. Chainsmokers are slowly growing and working towards increasing their audience as well as providing their listeners with a personal feel of the band.

The duo has ventured into a new genre of music that mostly involves electronic instrumentals. This genre is slowly becoming a favorite among many music lovers across the world.

The duo was in an interview, and they explained how their music journey has grown since their first release and some of the ways they intend to use to appeal more to their fans. In the entertainment industry, for one to stand out and succeed. It is important for fans to understand you and relate to your message.

Chainsmokers have taken several measures that have proved to be useful in increasing their popularity among music lovers. Alex Pall talked about their recent tour in Europe; the trip helped them attract new listeners as well as gave them a chance to meet with their fans.

The chainsmokers have also written songs that talk about their life experiences, though they do not write, the two seat with a songwriter and explain what the song is intended to pass. The songwriters help to turn their feelings to words. Music is all about words and the Chainsmokers aim at ensuring they use their words to express their feelings.

Formation of the band Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met in an art gallery. Their manager introduced the two, Andrew and Alex first grew their friendship, and this was an indicator that the relationship would work.

Besides their excellent friendship, another thing that has attributed to their success is their love and passion for music. Alex has always enjoyed music and started djing at a young age, djing was, however, his hobby but he spent a lot of time practicing, and this has helped in producing good music.

Andrew on the other hand, was also a DJ, he enjoyed listening to electronic music, and though his peers in school made fun of his style, he focused on what he loved, and it has turned out to be a worthwhile career.

A Review of Doctor Eric Forsthoel—One of the Most Critical Healthcare Specialists

Dr. Eric Forsthoel is an emergency doctor who cares for critically ill patients. He is based in Tallahassee, Florida and works within the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, which is located at Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee in Florida. Dr.Eric Forsthoefel is a graduate with a medical degree from the University of Louisville, School of Medicine. He has been at peoples’ service for about ten years and he is one of the 26 doctors who specialize in critical care medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.

What He Specializes in

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel attends to emergencies, where he diagnoses and treats patients who have life-threatening conditions including heart attack, shock, drug overdose, massive bleeding, trauma, cardiac distress, fractures and many other acute conditions related. He is also a professional doctor who can attend to any other general medical services.

His Certification and License

Eric Forsthoefel is a medical doctor who is approved by many licensing boards to offer his emergency expertise. These agencies include the American Board of Emergency Medicine, LA State Medical Licence, and Florida State Medical Licence, which has been active since 2014. His board certifications command trust and confidence from the public, which shows that the doctor has gone through the necessary and required training and is in the line with the general acknowledgment of ethics, principles, and experience.

Eric Forsthoefel permits treatment with many insurance cards like Aetna, First Health, and Medicare. The facility advises that it is important to confirm with them because the covers of the insurance keep changing.

His Clients Satisfactions and Rating

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel’s services and how his patients visit him rate him on various parameters, which include knowledge, punctuality, helpfulness and many more. A huge percentage of his clients said that they were satisfied by how he attended to them. Many said that Doctor Eric always took his time to note down the patient’s grievances, and also did his research thoroughly before starting the treatment process. He is highly committed, competent and does his work professionally. Most of his clients say that they would never hesitate to recommend their family members or friends to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel.

Why Waiakea Water is the best for human consumption

When it comes to water, it is important to be choosy. Not all water is equal; the quality, PH, and water source can all affect how safe water is to drink and how great it will taste. When it comes to sustainability, alkalinity, and taste there is no better brand than Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water.

Waiakea is sourced from the base of a Hawaiin Volcano, and the company participates in efforts to supply drinking water to those in need around the world. Waiakea water, as previously stated, goes through fourteen thousand feet of volcanic rock from an area of the world where it rains almost every day. In fact, the rainfall in the area is so consistent that it happens about 360 out of the 365 days per year. This means the water supply is consistent resulting in bottled water that is always fresh. While filtered through the volcanic rock, Waiakea water is filtered and packed with essential minerals. The minerals include calcium, magnesium, and more.

Alkaline water is incredibly beneficial for the body when consumed. It can help with stomach aches as it combats stomach acid and heartburn and can help regulate the body’s PH levels. Waiakea helps to neutralize the stomach, combatting any issues with acidity.

Not only do the creators of Waiakea care about people around the world, they also care about the environment. In fact, Waiakea water is so sustainably sourced that its business and products have an environmental impact of exactly net O. This means that they are not harming the environment in any way. They also use carbon neutral water bottles, which have a low emission production process. The company also utilizes sustainable packing materials when shipping their bottles around the world.

Waiakea is great all around. The alkalinity of the water offers incredible health benefits for the consumer, the product itself is sustainable through rainfall, and the packaging is eco-friendly with little to no carbon emissions. Waiakea is a considerate and world conscious brand with a great taste. If you want to help save the world and get a little healthier, just by drinking a bottle of water, switch to Waiakea water today!

Roseann Bennett Looks At The Future Of Medical Treatment


Roseann Bennett is a well-beloved individual in the medical community. She is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment and holds academic degrees from Seton Hall University. At the same time, she has acquired certifications for medical related practices.


Roseann Bennett has made it her life mission to help those in need. The website Release Fact recently published an article: Bennett Looks at the Future of Therapy, where they got her opinion on the newest treatment trend called Telemedicine.


As technology improves, the methods a patient uses to seek treatment will also evolve. Telemedicine is the use of technology to remotely send information via pictures, text, or voice chat. It is a much more time and cost-effective method to get a doctor’s opinion. There was a previously documented use of telemedicine in Australia when a bike pedal powered Radio was used for communication. Find Related Information Here.


There are many positives and negatives to Telemedicine. The convenience of staying at home and not having to pay for the doctor visit are major perks. At the same time, being away from the doctor’s office decreases the likelihood of the illness spreading. It also makes it possible to see a specialist who could be hundreds of miles away. However, on the flip side, medical information could be hacked if stored online. Having a screen between patient and doctor is a barrier to creating a long-lasting relationship and getting a full assessment of the issue. There’s also the possibility of being connected with a poorly experienced doctor. There many things to consider if a patient chooses this service.


The medical world is always in a constant state of change. Technology is changing the way treatment is handled. Roseann Bennett understands the methods patients seek well change over time, but generally going to the doctor in person will forever be the most effective to get treatment. Getting the full immersive experience is how a doctor will ensure the patient gets the correct solution.



Boraie in collaboration with Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the individuals who are on the frontline in making Newark as beautiful as it once was. Being the most populous city in the New Jersey state, Newark is said to be on the rise, with major developments taking place in the city. O’Neal recently returned to his native home to celebrate the topping off of his 20-some-story building on Rector Street. Ras Baraka, the city’s mayor, acknowledged the efforts of those supporting the growth of Newark, including Shaq O’Neal.


The Urban Investment Group Managing Director Goldman Sachs, Margaret Anadu, was also quick to talk her views out. She said that their main aim at Urban Investment Group was not only to find partners to build flashy towers but also to support projects in the communities. With the unveiling of his new building, O’Neal and the city also launched Project Newark. The project was started to help those from Newark by creating job opportunities. Majorly, it focused on helping veterans, minorities, and women interested in mapping their careers in the construction field. Check out their website



According to Patch, the project was the latest in Newark, with NBA veteran Shaq O’Neal collaborating with Boraie Development, a Real Estate Development company in New Jersey. The company also deals with Real Estate Marketing and Property Management. The company works hand-in-hand with contractors, financial institutions, and architects to develop the city through the construction of buildings. The building is due for completion in several months’ time. A report from Boraie said that the next summer would fully occupy the building.


Better news would follow for Newark residents. Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie further announced their next project in Newark. A 35-story project, set to be situated on McCarter Highway, right at the heart of the city, is next in line. According to Boraie Development’s Vice President, Wasseem Boraie, the project is already underway and hopes that it will go strong in 2019. The $150 million building is projected to hold 350 units. Through this project, Shaq O’Neal hopes that his hometown’s real estate landscape will be revitalized. reported that the $79 million project was a public-private partnership that involved Newark city, Boraie Development, Shaq O’Neal and the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group. The project also received a $24 million Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit from the New Jersey Department of Economic Development. The first high-rise apartment building in Newark in over 50 years seems to be just one among many that will light up Newark’s landscape.





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End Citizens United: Pushing Against A Growing Corporate Problem

End Citizens United is fighting a battle that many citizens in the United States do not realize that they are also waging against corporations. Corporations have recently gained the ability to function as individuals do when it comes to the political process, as made possible by the history-changing court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” discusses this case and many of the subsequent events that happened because of Supreme Court judges’ ruling to allow this to happen for these corporations.

End Citizens United was formed as a direct result of this ruling and continues to fight very hard on the behalf of the American citizens that would be made voiceless by such a horrifying decision.

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The entire process started in 2010 when Citizens United sued to remain anonymous when it comes to their political financing partners and air an an hour long movie about potential candidate Hillary Clinton. The reason why the movie was so controversial is that it represented a political ad in every fashion, the only difference was that it was an exorbitant length. Citizens United wanted to be able to air the ad and fought for it all the web into the Supreme Court. It seems that much of their funding was through was through the private corporation and this decision would change the way that these corporations under the new law.

Corporations would not be bound by the previous roles that would prevent them from contributing exorbitant amounts of money to political campaigns, sometimes in the hopes of influencing the candidate themselves. They would also have the option of donating this money anonymously, hiding their true motives from the public. This removal of transparency in the process was very troubling for many people, especially the founders of the public action committee End Citizens United. End Citizens United has been working very hard since its initial creation to fight against these sessions help raise funding for the candidate that chose to turn their back on this type of corporate funding. The group hopes to help support these individuals and push back against the growing trend of politicians to promise types of leniency for funding. It seems as though with this rule coming into the fact, the semblance of freedom is not entirely possible. Corporations have vast amounts of money that will allow them to change the outcome of political races, simply by donating to candidates that support their own choices.

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Jason Hope hopeful of an aging cure

Numerous diseases face humanity in the world today. Some of these diseases are minor while others are complex. In all the medical conditions that face humanity almost all of them depend on the personality. The disease that one person face is not the disease that affects the other person. However, there is a condition that every human being must go through. It is called aging. Aging is a natural process that the human body goes through as he lives longer. It is an irreversible process that no matter who you are, you must go through.

Aging does not respect the status of your health or the geographical location that you come from. As long as you are living, you must get old, and aging is automatic. There is nothing wrong with getting old apart from that it makes life unbearable. As people get old, they become prone to old diseases. It is at old age that you will find people who have never had health issues all lives moving from one hospital to the other in search of medical attention. Aging brings health complications which make life hard for the people.

Aging is a health problem that man has been facing for a long time. In fact, since creation, man has been handling aging. There has never been a solution to stop or reverse the condition. In fact, it is a commonly accepted fact of life that one must age. This has been the belief for many years, but there is one thing that is currently happening that could change the whole narrative. There is a probability that a new narrative will be written if a research being conducted by a group called SENS Research Foundation will succeed.

Jason Hope

SENS Foundation has received the support of philanthropist Jason Hope who thinks that the research can change the manner in which treatment of diseases is carried in the modern day. According to Jason Hope, there is a high probability that biotechnology research could lead to a breakthrough in the industry. We are moving closer to a breakthrough that could see human beings combat aging. This will mean that human beings will live a healthy life for many years. By taking away the effects of aging, people will be able to enjoy life for many years and possibly the span of life could be added. Jason Hope has been working with numerous other people in the biotechnology industry to make this dream a reality.

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Why Penelope Kokkinides Of InnovaCare Health Wants To See A Boost In Funding To Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is a New Jersey company which supplies Medicare and Medicaid plans to the residents of Puerto Rico. The top executive is CEO Rick Shinto and the CAO is Penelope Kokkinides. They say that the patient always comes first at this organization and they firmly believe that a by enabling strong patient-provider relationships the people they serve will be healthier with better lives. They seek to keep costs down while providing excellent care through the use of advanced technology and smarter care.

Hurricane Maria caused massive damage in Puerto Rico when it hit in 2017. For months afterward there was no power and even know rural parts of the island remain in the dark. The capital city, San Juan has a large shopping center named Plaza las Americas. It was in this shopping mall that Innovacare Health decided to place Recargate (Spanish for “recharge”). When they first opened this place it was used as a place for people to recharge their electronic devices. It then became a clinic to treat people and since that time it has seen more than 20,000 patients. Puerto Ricans are using Recargate to charge up their smartphones and tablets while also seeking services such as mental and physical healthcare.

At Recargate, InnovaCare Health is offering a space for recreation and a place to attend an exercise class. They have also offered Puerto Ricans educational seminars and workshops about ways to live healthy lives. It is also a place where people can pick up donated items, like food and drugs, that corporations have been donating as part of the recovery efforts. People who qualify for social services also receive help from the employees of Recargate who help them apply for them.

Another way that InnovaCare Health is trying to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico is by getting more funding for Medicaid and Medicare there. Penelope Kokkinides was a participant in the Women in Healthcare” panel held at the White House and attended by Donald Trump and Seema Verma, the CMS Administrator. Penelope talked about how funding for these programs has been gashed by over $1 billion a year since 2011, an amount that exceeds the cuts in the states. Penelope Kokkinides made the case that if funding isn’t boosted in Puerto Rico then many people who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid will move to the states. When that happens the cost of treating them goes up by three to four times more expensive.


Chainsmokers Offer Tribute to Avicii

During the latest Billboard awards that were held early last week, the achievements of Avicii were highlighted by Chainsmokers duo, Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart as well as Halsey. Avicii is a Dj of Swedish descent who died early this year. The Chainsmokers offered their tribute to Avicii just before the presented Luis Fonsi with the Top 100 song of the year. The song that made Luis Fonsi win this award is Despacito. Speaking at the Las Vegas Grand Arena, The Chainsmokers described how Avicii had changed the lives of many DJs, musicians, as well as producers through, is positive inspirations.


Still, in the same event, Halsey also paid tribute to this renowned musician who got masses on their feet with his energetic shows and songs. Halsey vividly described how it was enjoyable working with Avicii. Halsey added that the primary reason why the death caused her a lot of pain is that Avicii would always give someone nice memories. Halsey also insisted that the death of Avicii was a way of asking musicians to always be there for each other at all times. She insisted that such occurrences are ways that should pull even the most sworn enemies together as death is inevitable. She completed by asking people to stand through the artist’s family that was undergoing deep emotional pain following the loss.


The Chainsmokers also mentioned the artist again as they received their award. The group had won the award for the Top Dance music of the year. The Chainsmokers once again praised Avicii for his influence in making them the successful artists that they are today. The further praised how he significantly contributed to the development of pop music. He was born Tim Bergling but later adopted the name Avicii when he went into music. Avicii died last month after committing suicide while in a hotel room in Oman. At the time of his death, some few tracks were pending release. The late artist’s manager promised that the music would be released with time.


Kelly Clarkson was one of the hosts of the awards ceremony, and she also paid her attributes to the late musician. She urged those in attendance to seek ways of solving problems before resolving to take their lives as Avicii did.

Ara Chackerian Expresses The Importance Of Forestry To Our Nation And To The Rest Of The World

Ara Chackerian is a man with many diverse interests. These would include such things as entrepreneurship, the medical field, and the history of the Jewish nation and heritage. Perhaps surprisingly, he also is quite interested in the discipline of forestry. For many people, a forest is something that is completely taken for granted. However, Ara Chackerian and the rest of his coworkers realize that a lot of work goes into preserving a forest not only for the enjoyment of humans but for providing wildlife with an appropriate habitat. Indeed, whole careers have been invested in helping forests within the United States and throughout the world not only survive, but prosper. Forestry professionals realize that the fate of planet Earth largely depends on these forests. The stakes are grave, and they are high.


For one thing, Ara Chackerian and other forestry professionals realize that the many diverse habitats present in the forest are very fragile and must be preserved. It’s not as simple as simply cutting down a forest and letting nature take its course. Logging companies and other wildlife and forestry scientists realize that replanting must be done at the very minimum. This often is not enough, either. For instance, replanting will ensure that the florist will have a national park-like feel, however it will not necessarily help all of the wildlife that call the woods home. Naturally, some wildlife prefer a place deep in the woods and some animals can put up with urban sprawl better than others. The key for forestry professionals such as Ara Chackerian is in understanding all the characteristics that help these various lives to continue to flourish. For more details you can visit



For example, they make sure there is plenty of Young Jack Pine trees for warbler birds; they create brush piles for a rabbit habitat or for deer to forage in; and they leave many trees the simply lie where they fall when they are cut so that toads, salamanders, and ground squirrels can quickly take up residence.


Ara Chackerian has a passion for many things, of that there is no doubt. However, within all of his many interests he desires to be an asset in everything he puts his hand to. He knows that because of his determination he will definitely leave the world a better place then how he found it.