Raffaele Riva is multi-talented entrepreneur who earns a living through trust investing, managing various assets, serving as a wealth strategist, investing in real estate, and partaking in business on a global level. He has always allowed his passion to guide him in his business endeavors, and he has stayed on top of his field by focusing on the needs of his clients before himself. Riva is the founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, which is a parent company of a variety of companies that serve in many different industries.

Before working with AUREA, Raffaele Riva built many different successful companies. Some of these companies were global in nature, and this taught him how to better serve an international customer base. Over the years, Riva has learned how to become a better global financing expert. When working in the United Kingdom and Italy, he served as an accounting professional with a “Big 4” firm.

Raffaele Riva studied at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan where he earned his degree in economics. While studying at the university, he honed his skills in corporate financing, accounting, and the M&A sector. After finishing his first degree, he went on to complete his Dottore Commercialista degree.

Raffaele Riva loves learning and has always been driven to come up with creative ideas in the industries he works in. He gathers a lot of information by staying on top of current events and other trends in various business sectors and has been able to use his knowledge to make the kinds of business moves that lead to profit. When coming up with new ideas, he always focuses on adding value to people’s lives. Instead of staying rigid and following a stale business system, he believes in following his experiences and allowing them to show him the way.