Raffaele Riva’s Approach to Success in Business and Life

Raffaele Riva is the founder of AUREA Multi Family Office and an expert in international finance, with experience in real estate, asset management, estate planning and international investing. AUREA consists of several subsidiaries in Switzerland, the U.K. and Italy: Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA and BGB AUREA Ltd.

Raffaele Riva’s career began in 1997 when he initiated a series of start-ups, which provided him with experience in running companies. He worked for a multinational with operations in Europe, Canada, Latin America and South Africa in a senior company role. And he worked for a U.K. and Italy-based big-four company, doing international-contract accounting and auditing.

Many aspiring and new entrepreneurs look to Raffaele Riva for guidance in international business. His advice is always to stay curious and positive and aware of current developments. He advises reading on various topics and watching and listening with an open mind.

His approach is doing and believing in the types of things that make you happy and appeal to you. And, most of all, to not be afraid to pursue them or be fearful of failure. The best plan is to take action with the first step.

He also highlights the importance of finding trustworthy entrepreneurs and developing loyal partnerships with people who make an impact in a variety of industries.

Raffaele Riva makes client service a top priority in business. He considers solutions that enhance and add value to clients’ businesses and lives to be the core of business success.

He also prioritizes living a complete life. He is an avid sports enthusiast who engages in car racing, skiing, boating and diving activities. He is a citizen of both Italy and Switzerland and speaks French, Italian and English.

Riva is also a wine connoisseur and a patron of the arts, specifically the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. He is also a member of the London Reform Club and the Monaco Yacht Club.