If you have spent any measure of time paying attention to the Brazilian rally car scene then you’ve no doubt been made well aware of Rodrigo Terpins and his older brother, Michel Terpins. Rodrigo and Michel are both professional rally car drivers who have ascended to peak status within the industry. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at Rodrigo Terpins in order to learn a little bit more about the work that he is doing OFF of the race track. Rodrigo Terpins recently scored a big win during the Suertoes Rally, coming in 3rd in the T1 Prototypes class. Now, Terpins is focused on expanding his entrepreneurial empire with a foray into environmentally friendly wood production.


Rodrigo Terpins has always believed that the key to success is working hard, moving fast and staying ahead of your competition. It is perfectly reasonable that Rodrigo ended up working in the rally car racing sport alongside his older brother Michel. After ascending to the top of the sport with his big win in the Sertoes Rally, Terpins is once again pushing his focus and that of his fans onto the work that he is doing as a businessman. Right now, Rodrigo is being very attentive to cultivating his company Floresvale.


Floresvale is an environmentally friendly wood production company that specializes in certified wood that is harvested and grown through sustainable means. Rodrigo believes that the Brazilian wood industry is in desperate need of some level of reformation and his big problem is that many production companies are not harvesting with sustainability in mind. Floresvale is currently his unique focus but it is far from the only rod that Rodrigo has in the fire.


Rodrigo is paying attention to many different industries, as all entrepreneurs should, and he is focused on the concepts that continue to rise toward the top. Rodrigo is interested in pursuing medicinal marijuana as an investment opportunity in the future but there is a wait-and-see approach to that as of right now. Rodrigo is also looking at the tech sector while continuing to grow his current projects. For more details you can visit terra.com



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