Skintology MedSpa offers a wide range of services for women and men. There are several MedSpas currently in operation, including one in New York City and multiple locations in the Austin, TX area. Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, M.D. is the owner of the company, and she also owns her own cosmetic surgery practices.


There are dozens of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews from people who have had a service performed at a Skintology MedSpa in both New York and Texas. The reviews are written candidly about Dr. Walden, the services they received, the staff, and the atmosphere of the location. The tone of the Dr, Jennifer Walden reviews are mostly extremely positive.

One review was from a patient of 12 years. She has been satisfied with all of the services that she has received at Skintology MedSpa. The reviewer goes on to say that she would never go anywhere else. Another patient was impressed with the doctor’s knowledge, and she is very educational when explaining about the procedures. Some of the people have posted that they wish they could give Dr. Walden six stars.

In almost all cases, the patient reviews rate the experience as five-star, and they are extremely pleased with the place. Dr. Jennifer Walden is praised for her good work and her highly professional demeanor. Some reviews speak of how the reviewer did a great amount of research before making the decision to visit MedSpa. They had considered several other options but felt more confident with Dr. Walden’s excellent reputation and her credentials.

Another one of the Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews included a comment about the office. The patient immediately noticed upon entering her local MedSpa that it was very clean. She was entirely satisfied with her experience and gave MedSpa a five-star rating. The staff at MedSpa is mentioned numerous times in many reviews. The patients were very pleased with the high level of customer service that they received from everyone in the office. They were made to feel comfortable and welcome by a friendly and caring team at Skintology MedSpa.