Sunday Riley is a rising beauty company that was started by none other than Sunday Riley herself. Her unique approach to the beauty market has allowed her to gain quite the following since the company was launched back in 2009. Sunday Riley is focused on green technology, which means they use botanicals along with scientific ingredients to develop high-quality products that provide great results on the skin. Today, Sunday Riley has just over a dozen different beauty products that they sell to their customers, all of which are high quality, elegantly packaged, and guaranteed to provide results.

One of the big sellers at Sunday Riley’s company is the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which is designed to help reduce the signs of aging on the face. Retinol is one of the primary ingredients in this face oil, which is gentle and rejuvenating to the surface of the skin in its refined oil form. Luna SLeeping Night Oil is made using essential oils as well, such as blue tansy and chamomile.

Next up is Sunday’s Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, or U.F.O. for short. This product is meant to help minimize breakouts by providing a deep cleanse and keeping the skin hydrated. Although U.F.O. contains salicylic acid, which can actually dry out the skin, Sunday created the perfect blend with various botanicals like tea tree oil and black cumin to leave the skin hydrated by the end of the process.

Even though Sunday Riley only maintains a line of 13 products, they have been expertly developed to provide results on nearly all skin types. All of Sunday Riley’s products are safety tested and are cruelty-free. To keep them compatible with as many people as possible, Sunday Riley’s products are developed without fragrances or gluten and they are also free of sulfates and parabens. Sunday Riley’s products can be found on her website as well as other online beauty retailers, such as Sephora.