Boraie Development Displays Lessons for Entrepreneurs with New Atlantic City Project

Omar Boraie made a name for himself and his company, Boraie Development, in New Jersey after completing several high-profile projects. Boraie took some time away from his executive duties to provide insights to young entrepreneurs about how to succeed. Some of his tips do fit well into descriptions about one of his newest projects, the development of luxury apartments in Atlantic City. Omar Boraie points out there’s a difference between being busy and being productive. He suggests focusing on being productive, as this infers accomplishing something. Boraie wasn’t busy planning and talking about the Showboat Residences now located in the South Inlet. He and his team were productive; they made the 250-unit luxury apartment complex come into existence. Take the apartment complex as a living symbol of what productivity looks like.

Omar Boraie also talks about the necessity of making adjustments. “Adjustments” can refer to anything involving change or alterations. The term can also refer to coming up with new services. Atlantic City’s leadership wanted a change. Local officials wanted to revamp a section of Atlantic City and promote luxury housing. Omar Boraie and his company were there to meet the city’s needs. Omar Boraie also stresses the importance of the “boring” things associated with being an entrepreneur. Who likes to spend time on accounting work? Like and dislike both rank as irrelevant. Keeping tabs on accounting figures helps keep a business endeavor within a reasonable budget and closer to profitability. If you don’t pay attention to your budget and spending, your business suffers. Overall, Omar Boraie has many great insights for budding business people.