Social platforms now have everything to do with why we are making in a primarily digital fashion. It’s still a new thing for many businesses, but that’s because they are just now realizing how powerful social media can be.

Steve Lesnard recently wrote an article on how social mediums are taking over the way we do business and how we sell products. Selling with social platforms can be a great way to sell and get more traction, but if they aren’t being used properly they aren’t effective.

It does take some doing right to cut through the noise, and it takes a lot of time to figure out exactly how to do this. Once you find a way to cut through the noise, you’ll see the benefits of it.

Those who put the consumer at the heart of it all will come out clear winners. At least Steve Lesnard believes this to be true. When preparing to market the next product, approach the idea carefully. There are some great ways that Steve recommends you do this.

The first tip that Steve Lesnard gives is to keep it simple but make it memorable. If you are able to do this, you’ll be halfway there. The greatest example there is, is Walt Disney. He believed that in order to get it done right, you have to “get the story line right”.

He believes it’s all about the benefits, and it’s making clear what those benefits are for your consumer. Keeping things simple will get everyone on the same page. Make sure it’s customer-focused.

The second idea that Steve Lesnard gives for success in digital marketing is to “bring the product to life”. This is when you enter into the customer experience. The second part of this is how it looks on you or how it may perform for you.

Yeti made it a point to use imagery to create the right selling environment. This is why they put things in the context in which they believe they can be used. It helps the customer see how they can benefit from it.

How do your consumers see you?

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