Gino Pozzo was destined to energetic football lovers Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, and spent his youth in Udine, Italy. Through his mom, Gino was identified with previous leaders of the Udinese Calcio football club, and the Pozzo family has kept up an unfaltering devotion to the Udinese club for the duration of their lives.

The Pozzo family had been included for ages in the carpentry business at the season of the procurement, and today they claim and deal with an electrical machine business in Spain. Most as of late the Pozzos have turned out to be engaged with property and account mergers, notwithstanding sports club proprietorship, a territory where they have turned out to be comprehensively famous since Udinese’s ascent to wonder under the family’s possession.

That underlying Udinese buy was powered by energy and enthusiastic responsibility, basically helping their nearby club overcome a troublesome budgetary period. Amazingly, in just three seasons under Gianpaolo’s authority, Udinese ascended from Serie B to the Champions League.

This involvement with Udinese Calcio has instructed the Pozzo family a ton, and today, they are applying that information at Watford.

Inside his first year as proprietor of Watford, Gino had moved his family to London to drench himself in the club’s tasks, underscoring the way that the Pozzos plan was dependably to be at Watford for the whole deal, and that they have every one of their wagers put on the long haul development and accomplishment of their English club.

An approach that normally bodes well, as the Premier League is considered by numerous individuals to be the world’s most renowned football group, and Gino concedes he was dependably an enthusiast of English football, depicting the English style of playing as “a totally unique encounter.”

2015 marked the season everyone saw each of the three of the Pozzo clubs contending in their separate nation’s top flight rivalries. On account of Udinese, it was their twentieth back to back year in the Champions League under Pozzo authority.